Seminars and gatherings

2018-01-24 Aivis Grotuzis, a representative of the international company DINEX, introduced the evolution and structure of the exhaust systems of trucks, the features of the restoration of Euro 4/5 and Euro 6 systems. Trusted service certificates proving the correct knowledge of the restoration and replacement of “Dinex” systems and professional work were presented to the following companies: “Autoverslo sunkvežimių servisas”, “Bustrade”/”TruckLink”, “Departus Truck Service”, “Ivetra ir Ko”, “Klaipėdos autoservisas”, “Voltronas”.

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2017-07-18 A large number of guests from abroad gathered at the headquarters of “Jupojos technika”. After discussing the business, we brought the guests to the Cold War Museum in Plungė district, the bird ringing station in the cape of Ventė, swam over the lagoon, and exposed the town and dunes of Nida.

2017-06-22 TEXTAR, “Jupojos technika” and partners organised sport games event for their customers:


2013-07-13 UAB “Jupojos technikos” collective excursion “Beer Road” in region Biržai.

A few photos from this excursion:


2013-03-23 – 2013-03-24 UAB “Jupojos technika” collective seminar in homestead “Karpynė”. The training was conducted: Al-ko, Hella, several employees from the company UAB “Jupojos technika”.

Photo from this seminar:


2012-08-18 – 2012-08-19 In the Vilijos homestead rallied most of the company UAB “Jupojos technika” staff with families.

A few photos from this seminar:


2011-08-13 – 2011-08-14 In Minge rural tourism homestead gathered most of the UAB “Jupoos technika” collective with their families.

A few photos from this gathering:


2010-11-27 2010-11-28 UAB “Jupojos technika” collective seminar in homestead “Medžiotojų sostinė”. The training was conducted: Saf-holland, Schomacher, Dinex and Westa.

A few photos from this seminar: